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Reputed ISO 30000 Certification Consultant

Our company is only the consultant in Gujarat for ISO 30000: 2009 Quality & Environmental Management System for Ship Recycling Plants (QEMS-SR). This certificate is applied to any ship recycling facility that’s aim is to define, execute, maintain and improve the safety management system that respects the environment and in conventionality with its environment sustainable management policy.It is a certification of traditionalism with international standard that defines the necessities of the management system for ship reprocessing operations in order to control efficiency, safety and environmental values during achievement. By complying with this certification type launched by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) covered ships & marine skills, specifications for management systems and ship recycling management systems.

This certificate is given those industries of ships and marines who will recognize the need for a recycling management system that will increase the safety of their workers. To exist in the ship recycling industry, you have to add the protection of global energy and environmental resources. But, while most of the items and materials are present in a ship that can be recycled, the occurrence of asbestos, hydrocarbons, and other environmentally dangerous substances can have negative consequence for the atmosphere and human health.