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IT is essential to delivering today’s business. However, issues are progressively being raised concerning with internal and outsourced IT services, it is not easy to positioning with the requirements of customers and companies. ISO 20000:2011 standards are a service management system standard that are applicable in any organization which has an IT departments, sector or part related to IT services. ISO 20000 Certifications helps our customers to independently demonstrate their ability of meeting best practice for their customers. Its services incorporate the benefits of ISO 9001, initiated by the ITSMF and BSI. Our company is most leading ISO certified firm that provides ISO certification services in Ahmedabad, Baroda and many other metro city of Gujarat in India.

ISO Consultant Ahmedabad is provider of ISO 20000:2011 Consultancy service that specific required for plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve a service management system in organization. Our company is emerged as ISO 20000:2011 Auditor that will help company to register for an ISO 20000:2011 certification as well as help in auditing process which include pre-assessment audit, auditing process, on-site visit and off-site document review. ISO 20000 standards are making a positive effect in the leading IT-dependent sectors, such as the business process outsourcing, telecommunications, finance and civic sectors.

It may be used:
a) by businesses that are going out to tender for their services;
b) by businesses that require a consistent approach by all service providers in a      supply chain;
c) by service providers to benchmark their IT service management;
d) as the basis for an independent assessment;
e) by an organization which needs to demonstrate the ability to provide services that meet customer requirements; and
f) by an organization which aims to improve service through the effective application of processes to monitor and improve service quality.


  • It is absolutely compatible with the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework of best observe steering for ITSM processes.
  • IT service providers become more responsive to services which are business led rather than technology driven
  • External service suppliers will use certification as a someone and win new business as this progressively becomes a contractual requirement
  • Gives the flexibility to pick and manage external service suppliers more effectively
  • More opportunities to enhance the potency, reliableness and consistency of IT services impacting costs and service
  • Certification audits enable the regular evaluation of the service management processes, which helps to maintain and improve effectiveness
  • The certification process will cut back the number of supplier audits, thereby reducing prices
  • This standard is fully compatible with the ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework of best practice guidance for ITSM processes


  • We offer a customized training program on ISO 2000:2005 for
  • ISO 20000 - Implementation and documentation requirements
  • ISO 20000 - Internal Auditor training
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